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Pxlplz is a full service interactive design firm.

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We specialize in games, web applications, mobile apps, and other ridiculously fun stuff.

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We can make some ridiculously fun stuff for you!

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We're passionate about games, fonts, design, and other stuff that makes you look good.

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What do you need? Got a great idea for an app? A new business? A website? Let us help bring your idea to life.

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Star Saver:

  • Kid Friendly Physics Action Platformer.
  • Original Design, with well recieved characters.
  • Full Featured iPhone and iPad game, with over 10 hours of gameplay.
  • Custom toolchain and custom, flexible game platform.
  • Available to modify and skin with your IP!

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    Blue Pandas:

  • Water Conservation Web Application.
  • BluePanda works with Water Agencies to help ensure they meet their program goals.
  • Implimented Front end and API features.

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    Sniff And Mark:

  • Designed and Implemented iOS geolocation app for Pet Owners.
  • Uses Totally Sweet Avatar Building System.
  • In App purchase enabled, with Virtual Currency.
  • Social Features allow you to meet other Pet Owners.

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  • Web and Mobile Scheduling Application for Field Based Employees.
  • Real-time monitoring of field execution results.
  • Implemented REST API and Front End Features.
  • Improved sales force efficiency and effectiveness, yielding a higher return on field investments.

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    Seven Yo:

  • Fun and Addictive Match 2 puzzle game.
  • Free to Play, Micro-Transaction driven.
  • Built for Web and Mobile using Adobe Air.

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    Super Mad Matador:

  • Awesome Bull Fighting Action!
  • Complete game in popular genre.
  • Built for Mobile using Unity.
  • Available now on the iOS App Store.

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  • Online video sharing app.
  • Designed and Implemented user interface using Flex and Awesomuim.
  • Implemented Social Media and Facebook Integration.
  • .